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Frank Palangi

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Home grown New York indie-rock recording artist Frank Palangi serves up a feeding frenzy of positive rock music. Get all of your Palangi merch here on demand.

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Home grown New York indie-rock recording artist Frank Palangi serves up a feeding frenzy of positive rock music. Get all of your Palangi merch here on demand.

Frank Palangi is an indie rock recording artist millennial homegrown in Upstate New York. He reignites the fuel on the genre that refuses to die. His gravelly, deep n gritty, vibrato voice delivers across a room with a charismatic charm. Whether it's an raw unplugged acoustic set or the full drive of the electric guitar, it's imprinted in his veins to rock with passion. Recording his first demos at the age of 15 and then playing music full time leading to his 1st EP release coming back from the studios in Nashville, his positive outlook on life is one of you don't just give up & you stay on it however long it takes. His mission statement is "I have no plan b in backing down on my dreams."

Self taught age the age of 13, he learned guitar, bass, drums, recording & mixing with a style that tips the hat on the past 30 year evolution of the 80s & 90s rock & post grunge mixed with that taste of heavy metal. "I was a shy kid with health issues growing up with no sports so I turned to creative outlets instead like music and film. Learning from those works and interviews from the past decades I wasn't going for the typical drinking, smashing hotel rooms rocker lifestyle that it is known for. I could be more about the music, the fans, and the drive to grow & learn and of course that rock n roll rebel yell feeling to stand up for yourself." -FP

The 2021 Self Produced, Mixed Fire Of Love (Single) is the latest upbeat, post grunge throwback song offering the message of fixing mistakes and essentially freeing us with that one thing that brings us all together, is Love. (only with hard rock guitars, and a bad ass "bring it on baby" attitude that is the rock genre. Daughry/Hole/Candlebox drummer Robin Diaz and Riley Bria (American Idol) on board drums and lead & mastering engineer Brad Blackwood. (with FRANK PALANGI EP V coming soon)

The COVID pandemic hit hard for musicians everywhere and if things are going to change for the better it must start with attitude and determination, and Palangi still feels strong with his goals and mission statement. Growing up with the early Youtube days and the rise of social platforms, it changed the field of how to get music out there and you must work hard to be upfront from the get go. If things take longer than expected, then it's meant to be he believes, also it comes with having an admirable stubbornness tenacity to not give up. The big choke in the music business is that you think you'll become an over night success fast, that's not the case. The business side mixed with the passion, relentless work, rejection, and a bit of extra faith is key.

"Palangi’s positivity extends beyond his music into the way he interacts with his fans. " — Guitar World.

"Frank is an amazing young artist with a very clear and focused direction... Frank knows who he is! A killer singer and guitar player, Frank Palangi is an artist to watch out for!" — Brian Craddock (Daughtry)

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